About Us

Victory Plastic Technologies is an enterprise drawn from the rich and vast experience of Veja Industries, a second generation company, which has been in the plastic industry for more than forty years. Veja expertise lies in the field of Servo Drive based Precise Ram Type Injection Molding Machines with clamping unit designed for maximum parallelism, higher than rated clamping @ low power consumption. Injection unit’s ability to generate high pressure homogeneous melt is also a feature unique to VPT’s machine adopted from Veja.
Victory Plastic Technologies, a concern established primarily for exports has always infused latest trends and technologies into its designs to address the needs of the modern market. We design, develop, procure materials from reliable sources, test for quality at each stage of production and convert the entire effort into our machine. We take complete responsibility of our injection molding machine and that gives us an edge over imported, assembled or second hand stuffs available in the market in terms of performance and services.

With the company’s manufacturing units located in Mumbai and sales, service office located different parts in India and abroad, we have been keen in providing plastic solutions on turnkey basis to clients both within the country and overseas. The in house maintenance facilities emphasizes on quality workmanship and ensures task takes place as planned on time, every time.

Industries We Serve

With our company’s customer friendly policies and services, we have earned good will and faith amongst our clients prompting them to place repeat business orders and, in the process, has enabled our machine to find its place in the following industries

• Automobile industry
• Agriculture industry
• Defense & Aerospace industry
• Engineering industry
• Electrical industry
• Food & Packaging industry
• Household industry
• Medical industry
• Textile industry

History – A journey from Veja to Victory


  • Veja Industries, the parent company of Victory plastic technologies was established in 1975 producing its first manual vertical plunger plastic molding machine.
  • It developed its semi auto vertical and horizontal plunger injection molding machine in 1978. Also developed vertical cum horizontal (convertible) type plunger machine in the same year.
  • Produced its first fully automatic vertical screw machine in 1982.
  • Produced its first fully automatic “Anjol” 100T horizontal screw machine in 1985.
  • Developed twin injection twin clamping special purpose machine in 1987. The company simultaneously developed vertical injection multi station (rotary table & shuttle table) machine for insert molding in same year.
  • Produced its first plc controlled horizontal injection molding machine in 1992.
  • Produced its first microprocessor controlled horizontal injection molding machine in 1995
  • Developed microprocessor controlled horizontal double color injection molding machine for multicolor products in 1997. Company started its exports to Middle East and Africa in the same year.
  • Produced microprocessor controlled 200Ton horizontal injection molding machine in 1998.
  • Produced microprocessor controlled 350Ton horizontal injection molding machine in 2004. Company also introduced accessories like variable displacement pump & accumulators for thin wall application in the same year.
  • Power saving Servo based injection molding machine came into production by the year 2009.
  • Company developed hybrid type injection molding machine by the year 2016.
  • Inception of Victory Plastic Technologies (VPT), an exporting arm of Veja Industries in 2018
  • Company continues to produce quality injection molding machines even today.