Anjol Products

Under the brand name “anjol”, company has been producing quality injection moulding machines as per the following configuration

  • Standard horizontal machine,
  • Standard vertical machine,
  • Horizontal locking, Horizontal to Vertical (convertible injection unit) injection molding machine ,
  • Horizontal locking multiple injections,
  • Insert moulding machine,

Customised machines are also designed to suit clients mold requirements.

Technical Specification

Our standard range of injection molding machine consist of ram type single/ twin cylinder for clamping and twin travel cylinders for moving platen movement. This combination along with advance hydraulic circuit ensures low power consumption and negligible power wastage during clamping. Our design involving heavy duty hydraulic seals ensures fail proof positive locking.

The injection unit is designed with twin injection cylinder and rugged radial piston hydromotor. Screw barrel is nitrated to proper hardness to ensure long service life for applications with multiple polymers.

The standard machines come with induction motor coupled with single stage fixed displacement pump. For power saving, servo pump is the best option and can be easily installed and maintained in the standard injection molding machine range.

Our Machines

Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Insert Molding Machine

Vertical – Horizontal Convertible Machine

Optional Accessories

Apart from injection moulding machine, our company provides a wide range of plastic related auxiliary equipments sourced from leading companies across the globe.
Victory plastic solution provides startup companies with one package solution projects and converts their dreams into reality. Our continuous support helps sustain such companies and enables them to compete in domestic and global market.
The auxillary equiptments are

1) Mold
2) Mold Temperature Controller
3) Chillers
4) Hopper dryer